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Catholic High School Turns on Priest for Promoting Catholicism?

March 29, 2014

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Articles/ blogs written on what is happening at CCHS:

My 2 cents:  As an alumna of this high school, I have been following this closely. As a mother, I ask myself if these parents understand the sexual messages that inundate these kids every day at every level.  Homosexuality was everywhere in our school in 1994. The only difference, between our high school 20 years ago and Dawson’s Creek, is that our school had a much larger gay and lesbian student body.  Seriously, my bestie and I were the ones hanging out with that crowd. We were at the gay clubs, bars etc. We supported our friends, and we were definitely of the understanding loving everyone meant loving whatever they wanted to do.

Yes! I am talking about a Catholic High School, in the middle of the Bible Belt, in a place Billy Grahm calls home. A place where I remember, 20 years ago, before twitter, facebook, and petitions, a similar uproar over a former Planned Parenthood employee giving a talk to us about the evils of the abortion industry. Of course when PETA and Amnesty International came, everything was copasetic. Consider, just the fact the school has acknowledged there is such a thing as Theology of the Body is HUGE! I NEVER heard of it until my family moved to Philadelphia, and NFP was something I heard for the first time when my husband and I were in pre-cana.

A 40 hour prayer vigil was called, because this battle needs to be fought on our knees. I ask for continued prayer as decisions are made. As Dr. Jeff Mirus explains in Homosexuality, Divorce, and Remarriage: Will a Catholic School in North Carolina Set the Tone for the Church? , this effects us all.

  • We get on our knees for the Mary Magdelenes, the Peters, Sauls, the tax collectors, and the me and yous, that some will see things from a new perspective and that some will open their hearts to consider what God wants.
  • We pray for the parents who could draw closer to the Lord in this, or have that talk with their child, the talk our mom’s had with us, when we were 20 and they were shocked to learn we believed such things.  After all, didn’t they work hard to send us to a Catholic School?  There’s a reason we home-school our kids, and for that we pray that Catholic schools grow stronger in the faith and take a stand for truth in love, so that they can be a true holy alternative for families.
  • We pray for those who are so angry and against this, that they actually sit down and read Theology of the Body for themselves.
  • We pray for those being persecuted! We pray they can keep strong and respond in love. We pray that they walk through the lions courageously, and that they do not become discouraged! This has to be very difficult for Father right now. He really needs our prayer!

Please consider signing this petition in support, because in this world we live in, with all of the attacks on our religious freedoms, and all of the persecuted Christians dying every day for our faith, we desperately need Catholic schools that are not afraid to teach Catholicism.   Links:

  1. Prayer Vigil (consider going to your own adoration chapel):
  2. Theology of the Body (USCCB):
  3. Theology of the Body for Teens (Ascension Press):
  4. Theology of the Body (Online Resource):
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